About Us

Exeter Dispensary Charity is a Charitable Incorporated Organization (CIO) formed on 18 May 2020 (Charity Commission Registered Number 1189534). In June 2020 the assets of Exeter Dispensary and Aid in Sickness Fund (EDAIS) were vested in Exeter Dispensary Charity. EDAIS was founded in 1818 and dispensed medicines to and treated people suffering with disabilities, illness and financial hardship until the founding of the NHS in 1948, initially from premises in Friernhay Street and from 1843, from newly erected premises at 26 Queen Street. This building has since been sold. The assets of the charity are now held in a COIF Charities Ethical Investment Fund.

Exeter Dispensary Charity now assists  people within  the city of Exeter  living with and suffering from disabilities, illness and financial hardship  by making monetary grants for items and services not provided by the state, as well as making grants or donations to other charities having similar objects or aims. The Trustees are satisfied that in distributing the charity’s funds in this manner they have paid due regard to the Commissioners’ guidance on public benefit. We emphasise that grants are only made to Exeter Residents and Exeter based charities.


There are two meetings each year, the first being the AGM in March when the budget for the year is set and the second meeting being in November to deal with any income remaining available for expenditure.

The Charity regularly supports Exeter based Registered Charities, mostly linked to helping people living with Medical Conditions/Disabilities/Addictions and such beneficiaries have included Hospiscare, FORCE Cancer Charity, ENAT, St Petrock’s and Community Equality Disability Action (CEDA). Grants to Registered Charities tend to be for sums in the region of £500 to £1,500. In the case of Grants to Individuals the maximum sum payable is £350.